The Committees

In Cicero, there are 5 Committees that help in organizing/handling tasks for the association. Alongside the board, they help serve as the backbone for everything ranging from media to social events!

Do join one if you’re interested in contributing more to the association and improving your CV!

Training & development

Training and Development is the committee responsible for organizing everything relating to the weekly debate nights. They create a training plan, containing all the workshops and activities throughout the year. Afterwards, they get to work contacting all the speakers that will present later on.

Every Social Event that we have is made possible by the Socials Committee! You can expect that they’ll put in the effort to make all our events wonderful and memorable for years to come!



If you’ve seen our socials, then the Marketing Committee is the one handling it! They regularly upload content to all our accounts and help promote the association! For example, they are the ones hardest at work during the first weeks of the semester.

In “Hear, Hear!”, articles get written, debating tips get shared, and fun riddles get published! This committee manages the magazine that we have, publishing every few months to our members! You can even check out their work in the “Hear, Hear!” tab!



When it comes to making media, this committee does it all. Everything from videos, to photos, to even this very website, is probably done by the Media Committee!

How to Apply

If you’re a member of Cicero, then you can always apply by sending us an e-mail containing your CV and Motivation Letter!