Regular debate evenings

Are you thinking about joining Cicero and do you want to experience how Cicero and debating is like? Then be sure to visit one of our regular evenings!

We have 2 regular evenings a week, 1 Dutch and 1 International:

Monday: Dutch regular evening (debates will be in Dutch)
Thursday: English regular evening (debates will be in English)

All regular evenings will start at 7 pm in room WZ201 @ Tilburg University (Warande building)

After the debates are finished, we will move on to the Dorstige Hert to have a drink and a great time together

It is always possible to visit one of these regular evenings for free, if you’re interested. We understand that debating (and speaking in public) might be a big step and that you first would like to see if debating is something for you.

Don’t hesitate; just walk in during one of our evenings and you will be welcomed!

We hope to see you on one of our regular evenings!


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