Our Activities

Our Mission

We aim to train as many as we can in confident speaking and analysis,

We aim to stimulate the debate on socially relevant topics and themes,

And we aim to let students compete in tournaments all over the world,

All while remaining as a closely-knit family.

Weekly Event

Here’s the PowerPoint we used for the Open Nights! If you want a more practical idea of what Cicero is about, then do check it out!

Key Events

Cicero Tournament

We are famous in the debating community for our Dutch language tournament in late November. Held for the first time in 1991, this one day tournament is always well-liked! 

Groot Tilburgs
Scholieren Debat

Cicero gives back to Tilburg by organising a tournament for high school students of all levels. By judging debates and giving feedback we try to train the next generation of debaters. There is also a seperate prize for the best solo speech on a pressing social issue.  

SAM-Front Debate

SAM and Front lobby for the interest of students and represent students at meetings with the university. Every year there are elections to decide how many seats every party gets and Cicero of course helps voters decide by organising a debate.



We receive training from the very best!

Small Scale Workshops

Big Workshops

Debate Nights



Our members participate in tournaments all over the world!

Tilburg Open

Amsterdam Open

Travel the Country

Have fun


Enjoy your time with the family!

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