What do we do?


Our members participate in tournaments around the world.

  • Prague Open (Sep 28-29)
  • Oxford IV (Nov 8-9)
  • Cambridge IV (Nov 15-16)
  • Cicero Tournament (Nov 23)
  • Amsterdam Open (Dec 7)


We receive training from the very best 

  • Public Speaking Workshop by Victor Vlam the 26th of September at 17:00-18:00 at Dz 01.
  • Introduction to Debating the 30th of September at 19:00 in Az 17. 

External Events

Cicero collaborates with other societies, in and around campus

  • America correspondent and honorary Cicero member Victor Vlam will explain the tricks politicians use to get your vote. The 3rd of October at Night University, Dz1 at 22:30-23:15.