TDV Cicero - Mondays & Thursdays 19:00 Az 17

to debate, speak and persuade

“Cicero will teach you to be the very best at public speaking.”


Upcoming Events

TIC - 21 November at 19:00

Truth, Importance and Comparitive. Learn a new way to generate and structure your arguments together with one of the best debaters of the Netherlands Alwin Bakker!

Cicero Tournament - 23 November

Our very own debating tournament right here in Tilburg! Everyone is invited to come and volunteer which means minor work and a lot of fun. Dutch speakers can even participate and win the tournament.

Membership of TDV CICERO

Get training from the very best

Become part of a fun group of people

See the world, while competing in tournaments

And all that, for €35 a year.

Not convinced yet? You can always come by and see for yourself.